Research and Teaching Department

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  • Croatia

Research and Teaching Department promotes, organizes and coordinates scientific and research work and educational activities which are held at Institute, encourages interdisciplinary scientific projects from public health, healthcare and related areas, whose aim is to investigate factors of health prevention based on population characteristics as well as individual characteristics and environmental factors.

Department coordinates planning and implementation of projects that are managed by Institute or other institutions (faculties of medicine, institutes etc.). Department helps in planning and implementing projects with either choosing methodology or searching for resources (financial and material).

Department publishes the results of scientific researches and promotes application of achieved results by organizing scientific meetings and expert lectures in order to present achieved results. It publishes books, book of abstracts and papers in domestic and international publications.

The Department coordinates activities of Reference Centre for the Health Protection of Elderly People, Reference Centre for Rabbies, Reference Centre for Pharmacoepidemiology, Reference Centre for Food Safety Examination and Reference Centre for Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections.



  • Division of Teaching, Publishing and Informing

  • Division of Research, Pharmacoepidemiology and Pharmacoeconomics