PCR testing for SARS CoV-2

PCR testing (nasal swab) for SARS CoV-2 in Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health. Address: Mirogojska cesta 16, Zagreb

  • Working hours: Monday - Friday 8 AM (8,00 h) – 2 PM (14,00 h); Saturday 8 AM (8,00 h) – 12 AM (12,00 h), Sunday and public holidays: 8 AM (8,00 h) – 10 AM (10,00 h)

  • There is no need for pre-appointment

  • Please leave your email to receive your results

  • The results (in Croatian language) will be ready within 24 hours

  • For translation of results into English or German you have to pay extra 125 HRK (VAT included)

Testing procedure

  • Come anytime during working hours (make sure not to come last minute!)

  • Please wear a protective face mask

  • You can pay for the testing either by cash (Croatian kuna only) or with the credit card in the main lobby

  • Swab sampling in drive-in container

  • Make sure to leave your email and contact number

  • If necessary, request for your test results written in English or German in advance

  • While you are waiting for your test results make sure to stay in home quarantine/self-isolation

  • Upon receiving your negative test result, please email your test results to the regional epidemiologist (if you are in the City of Zagreb email it to the email address: covidtest@stampar.hr)

  • If your test result is negative, the regional epidemiologist will remove you on the first workday from the COVID-19 home quarantine platform
  • Enjoy your stay in Croatia and stay safe!