International Program “Eco-School”

During the school year 2015/2016 Andrija Stampar Teaching Institute of Public Health applied for participation in the international program of Eco-Schools developed by the Foundation for Environmental Education - FEE.

By this international program, the aim of the Institute is to improve the existing environmental management system according to ISO 14001, which the institution introduced in May 2014 as part of an integrated management system according to the Stampar Model, which includes five international standards for ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 / ISO 17025 / OHSAS 18001 / ISO 15189. Regular internal training for environmental management system is implemented by Eco-Schools program for employees, apprentices and trainees. In May 2016, an audit was carried out for acquiring of Eco-Schools Charter and obtaining the Green Flag.

The Program officially started in 1994 in Denmark, Germany, Greece and the UK. Today Eco-Schools are conducted in more than 59 countries all over the world that connect more than 46 000 schools. International Eco-Schools is the program designed for implementation of educational environmental guidelines. The national coordinator of the Eco-Schools in Croatia is Association Lijepa nasa, and schools are awarded a green flag with Eco-Schools sign. A certificate of the Foundation for Environmental Education – FEE is given with the right of using Eco-Schools sign and possibility of media publicity - home and abroad.

Objectives of the Program: incorporation of environmental education into all segments of the educational system and the everyday life of students and employees of Eco-Schools.

The task: to educate younger generations about sensitive environmental issues and to enable them to make decisions about the future development of society.

The Eco-Schools status is a rewarding system at the local, national and international level, which is peculiarity of this recognizable quality model of education. Schools that meet established criteria and promote care for the environment as a lasting value and way of life, receive a charter of the status of International Eco-Schools and a green flag with the Eco-Schools sign. This prestigious international award is awarded for a period of two years, followed by renewal of the status.

The Eco-Schools program clearly determines and directs the way in which teaching about environment, as a part of a regular curriculum, is applied in the daily life of the school. Special attention is paid to the issues of waste reduction and disposal, rational use of energy and water, and regulation of school environment. All participants in the Eco-Schools - pupils, teachers/educators, administrative and technical staff, parents, public and local firms, local government representatives, etc. - jointly undertake many practical steps and activities aimed at reducing environmental burdens. Eco-schools participants are interested and active in transferring their responsibilities to family and wider community - they live in eco way.