Department of Clinical Microbiology

  • Head of Department:
  • Prof. Jasmina Vranes, MD, PhD
  • Telephone:
  • 385 1 46 96 160
  • 385 1 46 96 303
  • Fax:
  • 385 1 46 78 006
  • E-mail:
  • Address:
  • Mirogojska cesta 16
  • 10000 Zagreb
  • Croatia

Since April 2015 the Department of Clinical Microbiology has been accredited according to EN ISO 15189:2012 “Particular requirements for quality and competence of medical laboratories in the field of Clinical Microbiology” - described in the Accreditation Certificate. The accreditation is valid until 04/09/2020.

The Department is based on seven Divisions and work is organized on two locations. Diagnostic services are performed dominantly in the Institutes main location (Mirogojska c. 16), while some services are being performed on other location in the city of Zagreb (Remetinecki gaj 14). Department has 60 employees, 13 of them are medical doctors - specialists in clinical microbiology, three of which have master's degrees and three PhD’s.

Department of Clinical Microbiology diagnostic services satisfy entirely needs for microbiological diagnostics of all out hospital patients in the city of Zagreb.  Samples can be processed in one place, regardless of pathogens type (bacteria, viruses, fungi or parasites). Therefore, the diagnostic procedures are organized within the laboratories and Divisions - Division of Urogenital Infections, Division of Respiratory, Skin and Soft Tissue Infections, Division of Sexually Transmitted, Blood Borne and Systemic Infections and Division of Gastrointestinal Infections.

In 2004 Division of Molecular Microbiology was founded. This Division uses the most sophisticated amplification methods for the detection of various pathogens regardless of sample type. Different molecular methods for detection and genotyping of bacteria, viruses and parasites such as qualitative and quantitative PCR, multiplex PCR, reverse hybridization on tape and other molecular methods are implemented. Our Serology Laboratory is equipped that it enables detection of antibodies in patients’ serum sample so that indirect etiological diagnosis of some bacterial, viral or parasitic infections is possible.

In addition to basic diagnostic services, Department also participates in prevention activities and programs. In cooperation with other Departments of the Institute we provide multidisciplinary approach, especially in the field of reproductive health, sexually-transmitted and blood-transmitted diseases (with special emphasis on vulnerable groups: pregnant women, young, drug addicts, patients suffering from chronical diseases, elderly, etc.). The Department also monitors antibiotic sensitivity and resistance providing recommendations for empirical treatment with an important educational role.



  • External Users Division

  • Division of Urogenital Infections

  • Division of Respiratory, Skin and Soft Tissue Infections

  • Division of Sexually Transmitted, Blood Borne and Systemic Infections - Reference Center for Diagnosis of Sexually Transmitted Infections, Ministry of Health Republic of Croatia

  • Division of Molecular Microbiology

  • Division of Gastrointestinal Infections

  • Division of Microbiological Media and Sterilization